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Kaeng Tai Pla (ᡧ䵻)

Kaeng Tai Pla (ᡧ䵻)

Kaeng Tai Pla is a thick soup that is very spicy and salty, and is dark yellow in color due to turmeric. Fish kidney is tai Pla consists of the liver, kidney, maw and heart of mackerel or other fish fermented with salt until the mixture becomes aromatic and salty. There are two type of Tai Pla, the watery type and the meaty type. The meaty type will produce a more aromatic soup.

There are two types of Kaeng Tai Pla, namely the thick type that is eaten with various types of vegetables such as parkia, yard-long bean, luk niang, luk riang, eggplants and horse tamarind. In the second type of Kaeng Tai Pla, various vegetables such as bamboo shoot, yard-long bean, pumpkin, potatoes, cashew nuts and eggplants are added to the soup.

Roasted fish such as yellowfin tuna (Pla O), spanish mackerel (Pla Insee) and mackerel are also added. there is another type of Kaeng Tai Pla that uses cocnut milk instead of water. This soup has a smoother and sweeter taste.

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Kaeng Tai Pla (ᡧ䵻)

Kaeng Tai Pla is a thick soup that is very spicy and salty